So I have pretty crazy taste in cars, to say the least, and have owned probably 50 of the most unique European beaters you have ever seen on these shores, with a little American RWD steel (also beaters) thrown in for good measure. I do a fair bit of trolling on the European versions of autohunter and craigslist, so I guess I may as well see how crazy you guys think I really am. I have brought a few cars over, and it is fairly painless, costing $2000-3500, usually closer to the bottom end of that range, if the car is beyond the magic 25 year mark. I have the talent and resources to find parts for and fix anything with a motor, so that really isn't much of an issue.

OK enough with the backstory, here is my current victim. A 1976 Fiat 130. 3200 V6, Pininfarina body, disco orange interior, 57K kilometers. Cannot say I have ever seen one in this country that had anything resembling a floor left in it, and that was a ho hum 4 door. Google translate is always your friend when sifting through, and you can find a handy english version of the description here. The exchange rate to the Euro sucks right now, so even with a little haggling I am looking at $12,000 to get it on a boat. Peg it at $14,500 by the time it could be picked up in Boston.

In my opinion this was one of the better looking designs of the 70's, nice tall greenhouse, great sharp lines, good stance. The body of this one looks especially nice. As do the lenses and trim that would have to be put on a plane to find in decent shape.


I think just about everything wrong with this car resides right here. Has a split seam on the drivers seat, but all the material looks to be there. I am a Denver Broncos fan, so orange on blue doesn't bother me, but I doubt it is for everyone! And then there is the lever for the slushbox, probably the biggest detractor. If it were a shift it yourself version I can imagine there would be much more interest.

So I guess that is it. Is $15K not a grand price for a big slutty Italian coupe that only exists in the myth and pieces over here? It is Kia money after all, and not even a good one. I am sure someone has one, but another one wouldn't hurt on these shores. Or will it turn to dust as soon as it shows up off the boat? You decide