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I Have an Awful Confession

Since working at a Buick/GMC dealer for a while now and being around and driving multiple Terrains of varying trim levels and MSRPs, I’ve gone from despising them to... liking them.

My favorite trim is a basic SLE-1 with the 2.4L EcoTec. It’s just a handsome, basic, tall box. Nothing more, nothing less.


The 2.4L, while a little noisy, makes more than adequate power IMO. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Partial power driver’s seat with adjustable lumbar, 7" touch screen radio with 6 surprisingly decent speakers and steering wheel controls, power windows/locks/mirrors with remote entry, and GM’s driver information system. The only thing missing is the option of a sunroof that higher trims get.


I really don’t know why they’ve grown on me so much. They’re really not anything special at all. Everything about them is old at this point too. Maybe because they’re basic, roomy crossovers not trying act like a hardcore off-roader, nor a sports car or fashion statement like everything else in its class. Just a tall hatchback designed to take 4.5 humans and their associated shit from A to B in comfort.

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