Although TBH there’s probably a few good reasons why it’s not a good idea and they’re the reasons they haven’t done it yet. But that’s not gonna stop me from making a post about it!

Why doesn’t Subaru offer RWD models? (BR-Z excluded.) As far as I know (which isn’t a lot, but more than nothing.) Subaru’s drivetrain has a longitudinal engine and transmission. So why not just pull out the two front axles and diff and stick two plugs in the side of the transmission?

There’d be a couple of benefits. For one it would help gas mileage, not just for the RWD models, but it would boost their overall corporate average whatever (conspiracy theory: Subaru only helped with the BR-Z to improve their CAFE score!)

Plus having a 2WD RWD could help sales in areas that don’t get snow. Like Texas for example. There’s practically no point in an AWD car, it’s just a mileage penalty and ups the MSRP. Plus even if they didn’t sell a hot model, you know tuning companies would get a hold of it and make parts for it. Think about it. A RWD Subaru Forester with WRX and RWD! IT’S GENIUS!

I’d imagine it’d probably even help sales with non-enthusiasts, because of the gas mileage thing, and the fact 33% of drivers probably don’t even know what the drive wheels are on their own car! So they won’t know that FWD is slightly better than RWD in bad weather, or even care. They’ll just see a sticker price $4k lower and with better MPG.


To find the answers I’m looking for, I think I need to follow...The Trail of Blown Headgaskets DUN-DUN-DUUUUN!!!