I have an fender flare.

The Explorer was hit in the side before the previous owner bought it, and he replaced the doors. Unfortunately, they’re from a different trim, so I have about 1/3 of a fender flare. I tried to unscrew it, but stripped all the screws. Oh well. At least they’re plastic, so I can just drill it later.

But yeah, there’s a reason I only showed the passenger side yesterday. It’s a bit ugly on the left. Also, this will be fun at the water crossing during the Gambler:


Last but not least, I found a ball in there. Also a full juice box, which actually squirted me in the face when I put the seat down on it accidentally.

Oh, another fun thing: Because the doors were replaced, I can’t use the key on the driver’s door. I have to open the passenger’s, then use the button to unlock the driver’s.

All in all, I already thoroughly enjoy this thing. These aren’t issues; they’re features.

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