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I have an idea for my next project

So with the SVX-R ‘done’ (if I dont get a new bike, I’m thinking 180 rear tire)

I already have an idea for the next project.

Acquire one (1) Honda grom with a broken motor.
Acquire one (1) Honda CBR 250 or CBR 300 that has a good motor.

Rip out junk 125 CC engine and 4 speed from the grom
Install CBR250/300 motor in grom with 6 speed transmission.

Plus suspension work (thinking back to the one I had, the shock where soft...but this time, just re-build stock pieces, no swapping stuff out)

How hard can it be?! Plus groms and CBR 250s are cheap. I could order a crashed CBR250/300 on copart for like 250$ or something CHEAP.


How bad of an idea is this?

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