I Have an Infection

Of the worst kind, the scratch you can’t itch.

TVR Chimaera

It has been a dream ever since I saw the first TVR Griffith reboot to one. Then Top Gear comes around and shows me the Tuscan 2S and all of its amazing quirks. Then I got to drive and mess around with a Chimaera the other day.


And now I shake at the dream of flying to the UK, buying a TVR and driving around Europe.

TVR Tuscan 2S

I have always wanted to take that trip. Always seemed like the perfect vehicle to drive around in Europe and then ship home (US imports be damned). The worst part is that compared to a few years ago AutoTrader UK shows the price of the Tuscan 2S (my prefered vehicle) has come down and the Chimaera is really affordable.

TVR 350C

The trip of course would start with the UK going around Britain, up to Scotland, through Wales and maybe out to the Isle of Man. I don’t know if I would go to Ireland, I guess I should. But I want to go everywhere from Burges to Moscow, from Germany (duh) to Italy. I especially want to go to Lake Reschen because it freezes over in the winter and you can ice skate around the steeple.


and I found the perfect Tuscan 2S (would like a more wild color, but this one is perfect)


Only about $55,500 in USD

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