Seriously. There is no reason for me to buy one, but damned if I’m not looking. Never owned a Toyota, I’ve always been a Jeep guy with something like 5 of them in my past.

Then I was behind a guy at a light in a 4Runner, AND HE PUT THE BACK WINDOW DOWN! Let me repeat. THE BACK WINDOW ROLLS INTO THE TAILGATE!


Why hasn’t anyone told me about this before? Why is this the greatest idea in the world in my mind? I do not have the answer to either, but suddenly I’m looking. Wish I hadn’t just leased my Outback in January. Good news is I’m blowing out the mileage on that lease, so I can use seriously twisted logic to justify buying a 4Runner.

Plus, the last generation had a V8. Just think of the questionable shit I could drag home with a 7300lb tow rating!

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