I graduate in just over 2 years, and my gift to myself is going to be a new daily driver around the $30k mark. By then I'm expecting the new STI hatch to be a thing again, the new Chrysler 200 will be well into it's production, and the new Golf R will be into production (Maybe even the Scirrocco R if we get super lucky). I'm not going to be able to decide.

Talk about a good problem. The amount of performance that can be had around $30,000 in AWD semi practical form is insane. We're going to have a (hopefully) 320hp Subaru again, a 290hp Golf, a 290hp Chrysler (hopefully a juvenile and lighter Dodge version with a hatch... Please?), and who knows what else I'm forgetting. It's almost like automakers are listening to their customers now. I like it.


And no I'm not being sarcastic putting the Chrysler in a category with the STI. Sure it doesn't have a manual option. But by the time it gets refaced as the Avenger's replacement (what I'm assuming they'll do) and hatched up to fill the gap the Caliber left, you can't not put it in the same category. I wouldn't put a 3.6L Dodge hatch 6-speed version of that car completely out of thought. I'd buy the shit out of it personally.

Whatta you guys think though? What are your personal thoughts on these cars and others potentially to follow, and do you think they'll actually sell?

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