Got it a few years back. It forced me to do all the math myself to get the RPM of the wheel to correspond with the speed and distance, but after a couple hours of holding my friend's car door and coasting next to him at 10, 20, and 30mph (for that one I sat inside the car and held the bike... Not sure why we didn't think of that at first), and adjusting the numbers until it lined up accurately at any speed, I switched it to odo mode and have kept it there since. I'm very close to 300 miles now, and when I first got to school I was at around 150. At this rate I should be able to break 1,000 by the time I graduate, easily. That's accounting for the likelihood of getting a car next year, too. It should come close to 300 miles every semester if I continue riding it exactly as often as I do.

Not sure what the point of this post is, but I just find it pretty interesting. The bike is from 1995, too, and I'm its third owner. It's only ever had two repairs aside from routine brake and inner-tube replacement, so yeah. (rear wheel bearings pretty much exploded and a brake cable snapped) (also, I am fully aware that the tires and brake cables should also be replaced occasionally, ESPECIALLY since they're 18 years old. I'd just prefer to squeeze every last drop of life out of them, because broke college student) Schwinn builds a damn good bike.