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I have arrived in the present, and it is decent.

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Reviews for this product were correct: it is very cheaply made. Particularly the hose, window screen, and anything that actually needs to seal.


But once you fixed those all yourself with some home engineering and about 3 yards of weather stripping, you learn that the actual “cold” part works very well.

Other notes: it weighs over 70 lbs, the hose is too short to use in most windows in your home, the adjustable screen design is asinine depending on your window, and the mounting on the back doesn’t even latch — just falls right out without extra support.


If you are in the market for a lowly portable AC unit, I recommend buying one that is already on display somewhere in the store, so that you may inspect thoroughly. These things are expensive enough and you want to get a good one that you don’t have to dick around with for an extra hour and a half because it utilizes the world’s cheapest plastic.

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