I have become the victim of a not particularly smart criminal

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This morning, I checked my phone and saw a text message from Discover that a potentially fraudulent purchase at Walmart had been blocked. I also had two emails from Walmart confirming and then canceling an order for an Apple Watch, to be picked up at the store in Miami Gardens, FL. I live in Rockville, MD.


I checked my Discover account, and best I could tell, this was the only fraudulent charge. I quickly peeked at the emails from Walmart, saw that the order had canceled, and figured I’d call Discover later in the day to follow up. Before I got the chance, they called me.

While I was on the phone with Discover, they asked if I had any additional information about the charge. I looked back at the confirmation email from Walmart to see the exact location of the store pickup attempt. Not only did it say the location this person had attempted to order the Apple Watch for pickup from, they listed their own name as the pickup person.


Once I got off the phone with Discover, I called the Miami Gardens police department and filed a report. With any luck, they’ll pick the person up soon. Maybe I’ll get a free all expenses paid trip to Florida to be a witness. 

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