Not to be confused with rolling cars over.

Nope, it seems that Mondays are Top Gear, Fast and Loud, and Counting Cars night on my cable networks so it instantly fills me with bad ideas of going onto the local craigslist and looking for lucrative cars.

Such as this lovely 1991 Dodge Dakota. Claims to have most of the engine work completed, it just can't figure out how to move itself.

With the description, I am thinking, "Oh, maybe a simple diff swap will fix it." but then I started thinking logically, and it results in these two possible scenarios:

Ideal thought: Buy truck, find a person who will let me use their garage, replace differential over a weekend, sell truck for thousand more than I bought it.


Realistic thought: Buy truck, think the part is the differential, try to replace diff over weekend, takes 4 months, end up with 3 extra screws, still broken, take to expert, says its entire rear axle and blinker fluid, fix is 4x what the truck is worth, find junkyard axle cheap, top off blinkers, install, now have 6 extra screws, learn that expert lied to me, yell angrily, find out it was a missing U-joint bolt the whole time, fix, sell for anywhere between (-$1500) and $36 profit. Make idiot of self.

Reality: Poor college student who lives in an apartment with no real garage to work in and slim mechanical knowledge as well as this project possibly sucking up over 40% of their net worth.

Stupid reality. I want to reject it and substitute my own (Byron 1984).