I have begun moving into my new place

The view is the main selling point of this place, so I will continue plastering this on Oppo! I will be seeing the above image every day on my drive since this is about 2 minutes from the house. The house itself is great too, not in pristine condition and its a shared space, but its clean and the housemates are great people. Anyways here are some photos of the new space:

The living room has a very tall dome ceiling with an open kitchen attached. Being reorganized at the moment but I love the space.
Ocean view out the back. Huge backyard area too for grilling, hot tub, and just enjoying some outdoors. Major plus to me versus my current apartment.
Mountain view out the front, gotta take a picture on a clear day. Will look really nice once the winter rains bring out the spring greens.
And the number one feature for me is that I am perfectly allowed to work on my cars here! My bedroom is the corner room on the right of this image, with the whole deck there included as my private space as well. Im trying to work out to make some space under that deck as a workspace for me but theres some junk to clearout and working with the other housemates to not block anybody in.

I moved my first set of boxes over from my current place today and will slowly be setting up shop in my new abode. I didnt get any pics of my bedroom/bathroom but ill get around it to it to share my whole space once I get it set up. Its unfurnished so its an empty room right now with some boxes in the corner. Looking forward to moving in full time and enjoying the Malibu life! I will be 15 minutes from work saving me about $300 in gas per month (so more than $10 a day) plus a solid 90 minutes of my life round trip freed up. All for the same cost as im paying now!

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