I have broken the cycle of mindless consumerism and relinquished one source of power that the bourgeoisie exerts on the proletariat (I fixed a can opener)

So my stupid can opener stopped working. It was requiring more force to operate until today the idler gear seized and the lever gear assembly fell apart.

So upon disassembly I found this.


Mm Hmmm. Scoring on the hydro-pneumatic tangential vector support bearing. So I put some silicone brake grease on it and attempted to resemble it. My first problem was that turning the lever with the threaded stud wouldn’t turn the non threaded gear on it. So apparently there’s this spring that you put in between to act as a clutch (I guess) and force the gear into the threaded nut that goes on the end.

I struggled to get both assembles back together. Before remembering you can pull the two handles apart (I know, I’m disappointed in me as well.)

How ever due to the spring I wasn’t able to also get the washer on, which I assumed spacing the driven gear so that it would mesh with the idler. So I just put the washer on the idler gear shaft and...


It works! Kind of, took a little while to adjust the screw that holds the idler on since the spacing of both gears was messed up due to the spacer being on the wrong gear shaft.

But it works and I am know eating a can of chili while writing this.

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