“Full of the sound....” has shown some of his good deals, and after seeing this box, I thought, my dad had some CROSS pens, let’s take a look, and for 292 pennies why not.


Ball point and mechanical .50 mm pencil, that go for $45-80 a set on eBay and Amazon. I also got this bitchin’ festive Tablecloth, which St. Patrick’s Day is her favorite holiday & our 9th anniversary coming up.

Cross Classic Century Classic Black Ballpoint Pen & 0.7mm Pencil with 23KT Gold Plated Appointments (250105)

I may be a bit in the dog house because Jeep isn’t ready for a family vacation trip to Utah or anywhere I had hyped last Easter. AND I just asked if she wanted to go to 100AW rally which is our anniversary weekend, and if I could go to the Indy 500.


But she did like the table cloth...

I also bought a CB radio (as is condition) and a pair of pants.

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