Hi everyone,

I’ve finally decided to buy a Subbie Outback. The only problem is that I’m working with a tiny budget of 3k, no more than 4k. That puts me in the pre-2003 era of Outbacks. I saw a 2002 going for 2,800 but with 245k miles (though comes with service records!). That leaves me under budget (I’m sure I can get it down to AT LEAST 2,500) to fix any pressing issues that might arise. Besides the whole timing belt and 2.5L gaskets, is there anything I should look out for in a high mileage outback of this era? Most importantly, this car needs to be able to drive me from here to Ohio (from Southern California - ~2k miles) I’m looking at both the 4 and 6 pots, but if I get a 4 pot, it’ll have to be a manual (though I wish the 6 pots came with manuals). Any help would be appreciated!

If anyone knows anyone selling a within budget, mechanically sound outback, please do let me know! I’m willing to go as far as San Francisco (if the deal is that good) and as far as San Diego.