After much thought and consideration (involving alcohol and Cheers reruns) I have decided that everyone here requires a second chance. So I am relaunching this website.

Everyone’s accounts have been deleted...and restored in full. Please have respect for each other’s right to anonymity, and do not reveal yourself or someone else’s past history on this forum, as that is now public-private classified easily obtainable information.

All mod and admin privileges have been revoked. All mod and admin privileges have now been reinstated. Please use these administration tools irresponsibly.

Waymoe is still love. Waymoe is still life. This element of the board remains unlaunched, as one cannot reinstate a basic element of the universe. I am only human.

I have removed oppo from the kinja platform. That is ‘old oppo’. The new oppo now runs on the new kinja platform, which is identical to the old one code for code, minus the hidden dickbutts denton put everywhere in the source code.


Oppo has been separated from Jalopnik. Please don’t link to anything there, as it contains graphic imagry of Travis Okuski’s draw-and-quartering. New oppo is a gore free, vegan, carnivore friendly zone.

And now, moment of silence for this young raptor curator who recently perished. If you are a raptor curator, please do not sneak away eggs for your morning omletes. They are not worth your life, no matter how tasty they might be.