I have determined the proper pronunciation of Toyota C-HR

On my morning commute today, a guy in a Toyota C-HR mean mugged me before accelerating to about 15 or so mph above the 40 mph limit on that particular road. People can certainly drive any and all types of cars aggressively, but I couldn’t help but laugh at this guy and his C-HR.

As I was joking to myself about the C-HR, I decided that pronouncing “cee aych arr” was a little too chewy to spell out and instead I said, “go right ahead there in your Toyota Churr.”

The word “churr” doesn’t actually occur in the song Right Thurr by Chingy, only the words “thurr” and “hurr,” but I’d like to think if you tried to say “right hurr,” you could instead end up saying “churr,” just like how I’m sure Toyota wanted us to say the name C-HR.


Go ahead, now when you see a C-HR in traffic, whether the driver mean mugs you and speeds off or not, call it a Toyota Churr. You will enjoy yourself immensely, and you can thank Chingy for the privilege. 

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