Thankfully the one person involved (me) isn’t hurt. Neither is the car in too bad shape, if it was my steed, I would have most likely driven away. But anyhow. This is what snap oversteer looks like in a Miata ND (2.0 sport)

Looks as if some giant kid threw it out the window.
The turn.

Needs a good mend of course, a few dents on the right-front and left-back wings, and both bumpers, while the mirrors are broken. No more visible damage though, no broken glass, no broken lights, the roof seems intact and the airbags did not deploy. Didn’t need to, the speed really wasn’t all that much, and the fall got cushioned by mother nature.

The case is as straightforward, as it gets. I entered into a bumpy and slippery left turn with a bit more speed than I should have (in retrospect), and when i pressed the gas on exit, the rear spun around. I gave it opposite lock, as you can see, but the spin was so fast, I ended up in the ditch ass-first anyway. Then the rear must have hit the embankment, and turned the car onto the drivers side. I climbed out through the passenger-side door, with my phone, flat-cap and water bottle, and called for help - that’s all there is to it.

Obligatory selfie, because my wife wanted to know I’m OK:


The worst is that after 12 years of driving other people’s cars, as part of my journalistic work, this is my first eff-up, that ends in a crash. Feels terrible.

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