Wife hears me talking to my oldest kid at breakfast about the slightly delayed release of Android Lollipop. Curious about the name, she starts in with the questions. These are the exact wordings of some of the questions:

Are people having trouble? (relevant, since she heard plenty about the IOS 8 mess)

What exactly is Android? (legit, since the difference between an app and an OS isn't really something she needs to spend time pondering)


Is this Microsoft? (well, no. I just explained how this is Google's OS for devices...phones, tablets, Chromecast, smartwatches and probably her next vehicle)

Well, then, who is Apple? (not really relevant to the conversation, but they made the kid's iPods...the only Apple devices in the house at the moment)

WTF? This is an educated woman, top of her executive game, has owned cell phones for decades, is on her third Android phone and has repeatedly heard the discussions about Apple vs Android. She has had this current Samsung GS4 for over a year and is very happy with it (other than the occasional confusion about where to change things like airplane mode).

Her personal tablet is a Nexus 10 that we have had for almost three years. It is always a conversation generator when guests are over and they want to look something up on the house iPad. Invariably, after explaining that it's not exactly an iPad and this is how you navigate the apps, everyone seems to be able to use it. Luckily, most of our friends have iPad 3's or older, so the Nexus 10 is still pretty nice in comparison. She spends HOURS poking around on that thing.


Her final comment: "Should I get an iPhone?"

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