I have food anxiety.

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I’m very used to eating on random times, IE when I get hungry, doesn’t matter if it’s lunch at 11:30 or 17:00. But when lunch has a fixed time or schedule, things get weird.


I have a buisness meeting/lunch scheduled for today at 14:30. I’m already hungry and keep counting the minutes to eat, the problem is that I don’t think I’m really that hungry, I’m just anxious that someone has chosen the time for a meal that does not necessarily align with my will.

I do that all the time, hotel breakfasts are terrible because they have a time limit, I can’t sleep at night because breakfast ends at 10 AM, I usually have breakfast by midday during vacations or the weekend. I keep thinking that I’m going to miss breakfast by a few minutes and lunch is too far away.


I normally have a cigarette, coffee and tuna sandwich on rye when that happens, but I will think about the missed breakfast for the entire day.

Same with tourist trap places like Safaris and the like that have “Snack Times” built in the attractions/plans. You just can’t leave and have a nice lunch, you are stuck there not knowing that lunch will be, it could be cheap sandwiches and warm grape juice. NO! That is not lunch!


And then we have airplane food, which is almost always terrible, but for some reason, when the plane interior lights up and the little cart wheels start squeaking, my mind goes full throttle.

“It’s food time, Oh god I’ve been inside this sad metal flying bus for 6 hours now. I need something to eat, maybe it’s going to be good, maybe it isn’t mushy pasta for once. I hope the bread is warm”


And in the plane I can’t have a cigarette, because people like their own lives and want to live longer nowadays or something.

I hope I never go to jail.

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