It is Facebook. Because there the idiots can comment directly with or without intent to buy.

I’m putting my 1986 200X out there to help offset the cost of restoring my two 350X’ this winter. I have it up a tad high but it’s best offer or trade as anything else I sell.

I get that one guy. Actual quote.. “Not a chance. I sold a 87 in better shape for $1300".

Here’s an 87 200X.


Outside of the stickers they’re the exact same machine. The 1987 has rarity on it’s side. Only 3500 or so produced.

But because of that prices vary wildly. Mint examples sell from $2000 up to $5000 depending on the area.


It’s not my fault this guy needed a 30 rack of Busch and car payment money so bad he sold a rare machine on the cheap.

Man, I miss the days of hunting Newspapers and the Tradin Times so much.

(Oh Kinja.. I love you so.)