So I went to the T-Mobile store to check on my phone.

UPS is now claiming successful delivery, and T-Mobile is saying nothing came to the store. Not sure what do.

On my way back, I decided to take the interstate and avoid the chaos that is Route 66.


So I'm coming down this off-ramp, approaching the turn at the bottom. Pop my car into neutral. Suddenly the gauges go dark, the doors lock, and the steering wheel locks. Ass. Puckered.

Luckily I had slowed enough that I was able to bring myself to a stop with the parking brake. Restarted the car, and it drove the rest of the way home without issue.

If you remember the last post about my Mazda, you'll understand why I don't want to drive it anymore.


Anybody have any suggestions? I've checked battery connections, ground, fuses, harness plugs... Really don't want to tow the car to the nearest Mazda dealer. It's over 100 miles away, and I'm out of AAA tows.

Lead image is my Mazda enjoying some mid-July snow.