I did a search for High Cholesterol Truck, and I found this:

And this:


So... I’ve been doing the Keto diet since last April.

Yesterday I had a followup visit with my doctor.

The good news... I’m not pre-diabetic anymore, blood pressure is normal and my liver went from moderately fatty to mildly fatty. Also my B12 deficiency is gone... so I can stop taking B12 every day.

I went from ~200lbs and am currently hovering around 179lbs... 4 pounds short of my 175lb target.

The bad news, my LDL “bad” cholesterol only went from 262 down to 261... it should be at or below 160.


And that means I have to take things to the next level... upping the exercise and I have to stop eating the oh-so-delicious fatty parts of meat and skin.

And I’ve started taking cholesterol pills and have a followup visit in 3 months.

I’m determined to get my bad cholesterol numbers down to a normal/safe level.

Nothing says “getting old” like worrying about your cholesterol and taking pills for it.

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