An admirable profession. I have to use my own car, which I was trying to avoid. However, I have started putting the pizza bag in the trunk to keep the stench under control, and the restaurant pays me $0.56 per mile for gas/wear/tear... which ends up being about $15 for every gallon I consume. So not that bad in the end; also, it's only for 10 weeks so all in all, I don't feel like I'm tossing a cherry Miata in the trash. The job's about to get better too, because on July 1st, CA minimum wage jumps from $8 to $9. I'm raking in green.

Also I'd like to recommend this job to other young Jalops because it's a huuuge resumé builder. Only five days completed so far and I've already pushed myself a lot. I can think of a hundred useful skills I've gained that makes me a drastically more marketable human.

I've clearly been busy and haven't been on Oppo a lot, so here's a few other things that have been going on:

- I finished putting the new bumper cover on my car (which you can see in the picture). Overall looks great, only problem is that the hood/bumper aren't perfectly flush.. Can you really expect two 20+ year old things to line up..


- My friend sold his '02 Civic and scooped up a very nice '91 hatch, also seen in the picture. Manual transmission, steering, windows, mirrors.... and fuel injection! I've driven it, it's an absolute hoot

- I visited Davis earlier this summer and felt fucking swell about it. I think I want to transfer there


- A friend gave me a copy of Illustrator CS5 and I hope to learn the basics.. because graphics are too neat to just be a spectator