No Regal TourX for me, at least not now. I just can’t stomach taking out another loan, no matter how small. My 6 is still a great car and is paid off, after all.

The 6 is the perfect car for me, minus two features: remote start and heated seats. The lack of those has annoyed me since the day I brought the car home just over four years ago. Well, I’m remedying that effective today.

I just scheduled an installation of a Compustar remote start system on Thursday the 14th. I’ll be able to start and shut off the car with my phone - which is helpful, because I have to park about a mile away (or so it seems) from my office at work.


And, I’m going to a local upholstery shop to have heated seats installed on my birthday (Wednesday the 13th). With those two things done, I will have a 2016 car with 45,000 miles, zero car payment, and all the features I want.

I can make the 6 work space-wise with two kids (we’re planning on trying for another). And, we have the Highlander for trips and such.

So, Sylvia the 6 is sticking around for a while.

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