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So I met this great girl in my English class today. And yes, this Alfa relates to the story.

So, there has been this girl in my English class since day one in August. She is very attractive, but I never talked to her before mainly becuase A) I thought she was out of my league and B) She was on the other side of the class so talking was difficult. Today we were doing group work and she happened to be on my side of the room. I was doing my work, but still listening to conversations around me.


Her and her friends were talking about driving. She chimes in saying "I love driving manuals." her other friends are all in shock, saying that it is difficult. Obviously, I perk up when I hear a girl say she knows how to drive a manual. They keep talking.

"My dad taught me on his Miata... I know this method called heel toe shifting." Now I am very intrigued. Her dad drives a manual Miata, so he knows about cars. And she even knows how to do heel toe!

Her friends then ask what kind of car she wants to get as her first. "I'm looking at this thing called an Alfa Romeo Spyder. I'm looking at the late 70s editions." "Wow." say her friends. "I have never heard of those." She then explains, "They are pretty rare in the US now. They were an Italian company that made really special cars. Only a real car person understands them becuase they have anew problem everyday. That is why I like them. And also, people like Jeremy Clarkson say that you aren't a true gearhead until you've owned an Alfa."

I was in shock. This beautiful girl wants an Alfa as a first car. She even watches Top Gear! I was amazed. It was love at first listen!


I ended up talking to her and got her number as well! I am quite happy!

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