If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

I have new neighbors and I thought they weren’t Jalop. I was wrong.

You can see why I came to this conclusion from the photo above. I’ll admit, sometimes I’ll get home and before exiting the car connect to my WiFi and check up on Oppo or other internet related things.

Remember when I told y’all about the neighbor’s Car getting repoed? (



Well they eventually moved out and I got fresh neighbors a couple months ago. The other car was a Nissan Versa (maybe). I do remember I was going to complain about it here.

So after being on my phone for about 5 minuets new neighbor pulls up in his grand am, I haven’t meet him yet because. So, tomorrow is recycling bin pick up and we put them to the curb tonight, and he was getting stuff shuffled and into the bin when I turned around and seen and took first photo. I went into the house and got a little better photo.


So, I just don’t know if this 70 chevelle is an el Camino, wagon, or coupe. I doubt it’s a SS. The garages here may not be long enough for a wagon or el Camino, but maybe because that grill is right by the garage door track.

If you are new to my neighborhood, hi.

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