27 years old, work at a meh sports related job that I know I am overqualified for. I still live at home (though I can afford to live elsewhere; I just like building savings and my commute is 15 minutes... and for the most part can tolerate my family).

Those who’ve seen me shitposting for years here know I can do video editing, Unity 3D and some web stuff but the thing is I am not an expert in any of those things. I’ve applied to hundreds of graphic design, sports + video editing, art related jobs over the years and around the US and Canada. Have gotten a few in person interviews. But every time I feel like they either already have someone in mind and are just doing it for courtesy or it’s not what the job description turned out to be. Either way, they were good practice.


I have most of my work (videos, animations, prints, paintings, sculptures, games, digital experiences) on my website (which I won’t share here cause it has my real name). Redone my resume several times and had it critiqued by several designers.

My current job, no one would help me and I don’t think I’ll get promoted. It’s cliquey and they only seem to promote people the management grew up with. Plenty of nepotism. They value old relationships ahead of honest, hard working people. I’ve brought it up before and only gotten generic answers like “Things here work organically so just sit tight.”

I think though my biggest problem is I don’t know people professionally.I have hundreds of people on LinkedIn but never really am sure how to approach them.