Update update: for some reason, the order of which hard drives get boot up first got messed up. It's all working now, thankfully. The lesson learned, I still hate Kingston flash drives, and I will blame it until another culprit is found.

Update: The monitor is working, but only one at a time. Also, with two harddrives, it can't find the main one with the operation system (window's 7) on it. I tried to mess with the BIOS to rearrange the order, but the main harddrive isn't even an option. *le sigh*

Came home, discovered that neither of my monitors work for my desktop. I plugged then into a laptop, it's not the monitor or the cords. So I'm now stumped.

My wife says they were working fine earlier today. It wasn't until she plugged in her brother-in-laws flash drive did she discover the problem. She only went on 1 new site today, a crochet magazine site (for a contest).


The desktop is about four years old, and it's a Gateway. Neither the graphics card nor the motherboard connections for the monitors work.

I'm at a lost of words as to what may be wrong. Any ideas oppo?