It costs $39.95 at walmart.

I play it with Forza Horizon because the controller sucks.  Buy this if you want better throttle and braking control.  Also steering.

This makes driving much more fun and makes braking and accellerating out of corners much more accurate. I haven't had it very long but it takes some getting used to so I may get used to it and it won't suck as much.  I have quite a bit of experience with a MS wireless racing wheel that I built a frame for. This wheel is held in the air so it is quite strange.  The braking and accelerating functions are triggers on the upright portions of the wheel, they are much bigger and have a much longer pull than the controller trigger which makes it much easier to apply just as much braking and throttle as you need.  Makes powerful RWD cars much easier to handle in the turns.

My fault with this wheel is that I am used to having a wheel mounted on something.  As you are holding this up it seems steering accuracy is reduced. This might be just me not used to it or some mental thing going on either way I am having a hard time in the steering of cars with this thing. The steering response seems quite accurate, but when turning I naturally end up moving the wheel in other directions which is not at all like a normal car steering wheel.

There are lights at the top of each arm of the wheel that light up. It seems it is set up to light on the right one when it is time to shift and the left one lights very briefly when you press the shift buttonsfor some reason not sure why it isn't useful for anything as far as I know.


I would improve this by adding some accesory pedals if that were possible making the rev limit function light up red when red line is reached.  Adding dedicated shift buttons instead of using the small ABXY buttons would help. Paddles?  Also some sort of accessory to mount it to a table or chair or something would go a long way to help those used to mounted conventional wheels. I might have to make one myself out of PVC or something.

conclusion.This is a well built great looking sensitive wheel that makes driving much more like an actual car. The braking and throttle are much easier to control and apply needed amounts. Much better than the controller which is essentially on/off. Having to hold it in the air and the ability to turn it all about is distracting and not intuitive when playing car games. There are no foot pedals. I miss a real wheel but the older one is out of production and a couple hundred for a Madcatz or fanatec is crazy. Also I miss force feedback.

the real conclusion

this is no replacement for an actual racing wheel but this gives the player way more control and actual steering action when compared to a controller. So for someone on a budget who wants something better than a controller but not willing to spend the hundreds of funbucks on a fanatec this wheel is a great compromise.  Building a mount might make it even better.