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Dearest bparadise44444, I have some questions about your listing on Ebay. For your reference, you wrote:

I bought this jeep from California back in spring of 2016, I bought another 1987 damaged jeep from New York, I start rebuilding the 1986 jeep, I’ve done so much work all year and a half,, I will list them as much as I remember,,

1) I switched the headliner from 87 to 86,

2)I switched roof rack from 87 to 86,

3) I switched the whole interior carpet from 87 to 86 including under the carpet vinly protectant,

4)I switched all four doors from 87 to 86, I tested all windows and door locks and they all works,.

5)I replaced the rear gate window with 87 and it works from inside,

6)I put a new fuel pump, new valve cover gaskets, new starter,new coil,8 spark plugs new distributor new wires new battery,4 new tires,

Now I still have the donor 87 jeep sitting in my driveway,. this 87 jeep has a newly rebuilt engine and good rears and fronts, I was planing to swap them too but I’ve to go to work for three years to Oklahoma, and my dad doesn’t want this project to sit in his driveway,, I don’t really want to sell this jeep but I’ve no place to store it for three years,, so my loss is your gain, ,,

Regardless of the amount this jeep will have a new owner in 7 days, this jeep is in driving condition, It’s no longer insured, so I’m selling it as is with no return, I will not be in NJ after two weeks, you can stop by and inspect the jeep any day you wish, I will give you the donor jeep free if you like , if you don’t want it ,,I will sell it to scrap yard, I’ve tons of picture taken during my work on this jeep,, I can send them to you if you like,,I’ve the four new in box Pioneer speaker for the doors but I didn’t have time to put them on, I will give them to you ,, also I’ve my grand wagoneer mechanics hand book from 1986,, I will give them to you too,,

I almost forgot to mention the damage done by car carrier guy , who brought this jeep from california,, I put a picture showing the dent passenger side rear taillight,,I ve the new lights and parts to replace it, I will give them to you also,

good luck with your search,, have a nice day,,

Make me an offer if you like,, if I like it , jeep is yours, jeep is also for sale locally,, if I get an offer good enough sale will be ended by me,,


OK, first off, I believe your story about your dad not wanting two junk jeeps sitting in his yard for 3 years. That checks out. What I don’t understand is why you use a double comma instead of a period. I’m also a bit uncomfortable with how many times you used “I’ve” for “I have” in a row. Not sure why. But that’s not what is important here.

What is important is that this clearly is not an 86 Grand Wagoneer. Look at the steering wheel and dash.

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See the thin spokes on the steering wheel, and the round gauges? That means that this vehicle can be no newer than a 1985, because in 86 those items were updated (though I happen to think the earlier style has aged better). Sure enough, when I ran an Autocheck with the vin that you provided, it shows that it is in fact a 1984. Surprisingly, your story about buying it in 2016 from California checks out as well, and it even looks like you transferred the title, so at least you’re not title-jumping like everyone else on Ebay seems to be. But, I’m not sure that I want to buy an unfinished project from someone that worked on rebuilding a vehicle for two years without even knowing for sure what year it was. You definitely do not know what you have.

Also confusing to me is the 1987 that you would throw in for free. When you say that it has good “rears and fronts” that you were going to switch over, what exactly does that mean? At first I thought you meant tires, but since the “1986" has 4 new tires, it couldn’t be that. Rear and front brakes perhaps? Driveshafts? Floormats? What? And what exactly is left of this donor, anyway? I mean, the headliner was good, as was the interior, the rear window, the roof rack, and all four doors. But those are all gone now. And it has a newly rebuilt engine? Why didn’t you just restore that one, instead of disassembling it and putting it back together on another vehicle’s skeleton? I mean, you swapped ALL FOUR DOORS? Really?


You mention that the vehicle is no longer insured, so you’re selling it as-is. Hmmmmm. I don’t see how the two are related, nor do I think that any potential new owner would expect that a paid-up insurance premium from a previous owner would somehow come with the vehicle.

Finally, I have just one more question. In the title of the listing, when you say:


Do you really expect anyone to believe that bullshit, especially in light of direct photographic evidence provided by you to the contrary?

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