It’s an 01 Sierra v6 2wd fleet truck, former home of a horrible looking rusty ladder rack that stained the paint badly. 183k kilometers so about 110k miles. I work on fleet vehicles all the time and could tell this one wasn’t rode too hard. None of the usual broken chevy stuff is broken (except gate handle is on its way out. ) bought at auction as a non-runner by a friend of a friend, It had sat for 2.5 years and the battery was dead. They were cleaning it up when I stopped by. It was registered to me about 2 hours later.


Rubber floors, crank windows and the exact number of dents I like (some) it fits my need for a cheap truck that looks acceptable on the front street. I had been shopping 4 cyl trucks and looking at work-spec rangers, but a decent 4 cyl shorty ranger still goes for double-and a half or three times one of these. I got this at the going price of one of these, the difference being about half the miles and the bonus of not being completely destroyed. I got some pics of it clean, and it looks nice, I’m still going to have to compound the paint on the whole thing (It kind of has fallout embedded in the paint. cars parked between the steel mill and oil refinery are a special kind of dirty.) Got a new windshield last night and has a set of matching rims in the box. There was a friend’s Tacoma in the mix, but it’s too nice for the dirty, trucky stuff I do with trucks.

This one will pick up a half a ton of stuff, whilst playing my cassettes.  Winner winner, popeyes chicken dinner. 

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