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Myself and another teacher in my building have been after our district administration to allow us back into the building, so we can use our 3D printers to help the cause. The superintendent was really tough to convince to allow anybody in the building, but finally he relented. We’re working with our local hospital, and what they need are masks. Between all of us and all of our printers, we should be able to make 28 of these a day.


We were given the option to either bring our printers home, or work in the building. The prints take just over 8 hours. I have chosen to work in the building. I can start a set in the morning, take care of my E-learning stuff, and then work on milling the giant ass pile of lumber that has been awaiting my attention for quite some time. Then I can start another set, and go home while the printers work. This way I can also use the school’s electricity instead of mine.

When I told me wife what I would be doing, she immediately texted her friend to brag that she got her husband out of the house for the day :)

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