As you may or may not be aware I had to seperate from the love of my life, my shinning star in a world of dark; I sold the Seville on monday.

In wake of this event I have been test driving and looking at lots of cars. Most of them have been disappointing. I tried northstar equipped Lucerns, rental spec Impalas, accords of both v6 and I4 config, same with camrys, even drove a maxima and a Avalon. All were junk.

Then there she was, tucked away at the back of a lot. A 2009 lincoln MKS. I figured for laughs id drive her.

Let me twll you folks, this car, nah this automotive god overwhelmed every partical in my being just opening the door. Truely if i thought I knew luxury before I was mistaken. In every sense of the word the MKS stands head and shoulders above all cars in all classes. There resides no equal in this world. From the touch of the interior to the pure joy derived by placing my foot on the peddles, Lincoln is the apex of all this and was and shall be in this world.

I can only hope the dear lincoln gods forgive mw for my years of misguided loathing, truely and honeslty I stand humbled. Forgive me for years of cadillac sin.