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I have seen the light

I cooked my brakes (again) during day 1 of SCCVs autocross double header at Canaan this weekend. When I decided after 1 run today that they were too sketchy for what was essentially a track day with some cones one of the chair people of the club offered me his Miata for the day. I jumped at that opportunity and I totally get why people love this RWD Miata stuff.

This was the second weekend in a row that I got to run a RWD car after running my FSAE team’s car last weekend and I have to say I enjoy RWD a lot. I feel like it suits my driving style much better than the Mini does. The Mini forces me to work to neutralize the understeer while I am able to drop into a rhythm by the end of my first run in the RWDs. I’m thinking a BRZ or Miata/Fiata (even though I don’t really like convertibles) may be in my not too distant future.


For those wondering the Miata I drove was a stock drivetrain but everything else was heavily upgraded. As you can see the car has been lightened substantially (the only piece of the interior that is left is the gauge cluster) as well as upgraded with wider wheels, suspension, brakes etc.

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