I have some odd faith in USPS

Partly because they actually ship and deliver stuff on time (UPS and FedEx - which I will be covering in a bit - I'm looking at you!) but mostly because their postmen are so absurdly courteous!

That oddly boggles my mind, and it still has when I came out of Uwajimaya's in Seattle only to be stopped by an old lady who was kind enough to tell me what happened. Now, if this was any other bloke, they'd be livid but me? I could have basically told her no need to and send her on her way without caring but no. She chose to stay back and wait for her boss.

Hopefully, I hope she doesn't lose her job for this because if she did, my faith in USPS just sunk.


Anywhoo, I found out that a FedEx truck just so happened to be parked right in front of the entrance to Uwajimaya - overlapping 1/4ths of the space from the USPS van she was in. With no choice, she backed up into my Honda and clipped my bike's front fender. She couldn't see it at the time and I can't really blame her; more of a design fault on the car. The only damage the van did to my bike was a slight chip on the front wheel fender, so I wasn't really worried. Hell, even if she dropped my bike, I wouldn't really let it get to me.

We exchanged details and I hoped that she got off with little to no punishment in the future. I hope.

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