Illustration for article titled I have some very interesting rumors from a Mazda Dealership!

One of the salesmen (who seemed to know what he was talking about) said Mazda has told dealerships they are in the middle of determining whether they should produce either a Mazdaspeed 6, a Mazdaspeed 3, and my personal favorite, a turbocharged RX-8.

For those wondering, if the said RX-8 is approved for production, it will have a rotary (I thought Mazda might have given up the ghost, but according to him no), and it would be some sort of 13-B variant (which is what the stillborn 16X was, though it wasn't turbocharged). I think it's fair to say one of those three cars will be produced. Also for those wondering why I was at a Mazda dealership, I have my reasons (which I will talk about later).


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