C5 corvette... spent the winter in the driveway. Couldn’t do anything better for it. It’s fiberglass. It will make it.

Yesterday I wanted to charge the battery and see if she will run. Battery doesn’t appear to be holding a charge. Will need a new one.


One of the windows wasn’t sitting quiet flush against the weather stripping and so I have a swimming pool in passenger seat floor area.

Got the seat out. Used a shopvac to get most of the water out. Put some salt in socks and left it on the floor. Hopefully salt will suck up the water. I will see how it looks today. If not, I will put some rice in there too. Speed up the process. If that doesn’t work either, I will add some pepper. Simmer it slow with some bay leaves. I will have me some C5 soup when it’s all done


Tried starting it with half dead battery. Car decided to throw some more shit at me - service steering lock. Fuck is that all about? I’ll service you... i’ll service you with a delete.

Gonna be doing some work tonight and tomorrow.

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