I have (sort of) Beaten the Four Fastenters of The Appocolypse!

And welded cast iron :)

this played an important role in the defeat of the Four
I bought a cobalt-steel bit and had to sharpen it eight times to get through the bastards. Then I still had to ream them out with the hammer drill to break the heads off.
now I’m stuck with this :/ the studs stick through a little bit on the other side... I don’t know if I can get a good enough grip on them with the Giant Vice Grips to get them out... for now they are soaking in 50/50 acetone/atf overnight in hopes that that helps.
this is a different carrier that cracked while removing the bearing from it...
MuggyWeld 77 does indeed work like gang-busters on cast iron!
i’ll be damned, that looks like a strong weld. excellent penetration!
I’m not sure i’m going to bother drilling and re-tapping the bolt hole, i think three is fine, four was probably a little overkill, since most of the other carriers only use two bolts.

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