The project is called Late20 Guide , and the objective is to produce a coffee-table book which serves as a trend and pricing guide for anything you’d label a modern classic or youngtimer; in short, I’m taking the countless hours of my life I’ve wasted on Craigslist, Bring-A-Trailer, Oppo, and reading magazines, and synthesizing it into a cohesive publication. The name comes from the focus on cars from the, you guessed it, latter half of the 20th century.

The thought is that places like Hagerty and the big auction houses have the traditional/old school classic car market covered and cornered, but they’re just now catching onto the modern classic market. Unfortunately, I think their coverage may miss the mark some as they’re older, legacy organizations.

The stuff we’re all into here on Oppo, though, has developed its own little media circle that produces great, interesting, and innovative content. Doug Demuro, Tyler Hoover, Oppo’s own Jonathan Harper, Driving While Awesome, Radwood; there’s a ton of great content out there, it’s all just a bit dis-aggregated. My goal is to put a succinct summary of the state of the market for each car in the guide, along with photography from around the community from the people who know these cars best, to produce a quick reference guide that also makes for a great conversation piece.

I’m neck deep in the research and drafting portion of the process, but I’m posting daily progress on the Instagram for individual entries.


I would love two things from the Oppo community:

1) Feedback on the content. Anyone have a problem/interested if I post snippets of entries to Oppo as I finish them for feedback?


2) If you want to have your photography featured for one or any of the cars, PLEASE reach out. There will be compensation in one form or another, I’m not going to ask anyone to do this for exposure.

3) Support! This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done and it’s a daily struggle, but it’s about the only thing I’ve done in a long time that I’ve been excited about.


Thanks guys,