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I Have The Worst Luck In The World

So, I wrote about my car's mechanical issues last night, right? Well, today more bad shit happened.

Work had the fences around the parking lot painted last week during the work week. We were asked to move our vehicles to one side of the parking lot while they painted the other. Unfortunately, that didn't stop black paint spray from peppering my WRX.


I only noticed it this morning before I took off for work. There's no way it could have happened elsewhere. My car was inside a garage all weekend.

I was offered to have the paint buffed out by the guy who painted the fences but there is absolutely no way I'm letting that dude near my clear coat. Absolutely none. I was told to have it washed to see if the paint came off. If not I could take it to a detail shop. It wasn't explicitly said, but I assume it's not happening at my expense.


Why did I buy a brand new car again?

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