I have this for the next three years

I good friend of myself and my dad is moving to the UK for the next three years and did not want to take his car with him. So I was left with the keys and the task of taking care of it. The car will live at my dad’s house because he has extra room in his garage next to the challenger and I didn’t want to leave it in my townhouse parking lot. Anyways I have been left the keys and the OK to drive it whenever I want till he gets home. Its a 65' Mustang Fastback with the powertrain out of a late 80's foxbody. Painted like a GT350. The engine is a 5.0 that has been cammed and carb’d. It also has the 5-speed out of the newer mustang which makes it an absolute joy. One thing that really adds to the character is the fact that is manual steering and brakes. Anyways I look forward to documenting the next three years with a 65' Mustang.


This last video was my dad busting out the challenger for a little burnout. The challenger is a 1970 R/T Convertible w/ a 383 4brl. The car is all number matching and very rare. He thought the burnout would accent it nicely !  

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