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I have to re-interview for my job...sigh...(Update: Failed?)

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So this is normal for me...every few years this happens as my contract company loses to another who will do it for a nickle less and I have to talk to another batch of Bobs over my position.
This time it is after 1 year with the current company with is unusual. Usually we get a contract for 3-5 years.
My major issue with they want to do it via Skype during their work hours and not mine. No handshakes, no dressing up, nothing personal...just a video conference. what other corners are these guys cutting? This just seems cheap.
I am trying to just contain my frustration at this...and hope for the best.

Update: So apparently I failed...and despite being in charge of an entire section designed for me; I was told I am not the best qualified for my job. My bosses are up in we’ll see come Tuesday....
It is on me...they wanted a certain type of person and I am not that good at interviews in situations like this. Sigh...


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