I have to start working again next week, which is a(n) thing

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. Oddly I have a friend building a replica.
Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. Oddly I have a friend building a replica.
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For a little background, in late August I got laid off from my job in the oil industry a few days before we left for our 2019 cheap car challenge. It was both unexpected and poorly timed, but with two months severance and a healthy savings, I knew I’d be fine(ish). Following the trip I lowered my burn rate substantially, so I was spending just slightly above what I was getting in unemployment only depleting my savings slightly.


Back in November I hit a lucky streak and got not one but TWO job offers. One was going back to Oil and Gas, the other a dream job. Problem being the dream job pays $20k less and might take a month or two to hire me.

I picked the “dream” job.


Fast forward two months and I finally have a start date! Monday, the 20th, in fact. I have to fly out to Vicksburg, Mississippi, to do HR things (which is probably telling but hush). Unfortunately I just checked and there are no interesting manual cars for sale so I guess I have to spend my off time playing video games and looking at history.


In a lot of ways being un/funemployed was a lot of fun. Between having infinite time to work on my cars, if not infinite money, and getting to catch up on my video game backlog... it was nice. Also I am not a social person, so getting to hang out with my dogs all day was pretty neato.


While I did get a lot of work done to a lot of cars, I didn’t get quite as much done as I was expecting to and now I’m torn:

Option A: Marathon wrenching/ house fixing until the start date

Option B: Couch, video games, beer

I’ll probably go with option C of: continue doing whatever I feel like and then panic pack the morning of my flight.

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