Got stuck behind a Mustang going 5 under the limit in the left lane last night. After I got around him, I saw the remainder of a fresh accident at the next intersection...

I couldn’t really piece together who hit who from which direction (this new intersection is ASS, btw) but it APPEARS that the young lady in the gold Honda clipped the rear end of the Equinox, which ended up near where those unrelated skid marks are (like I said, ASS intersection) and doubled back to its present location (according to dashcam footage).

This new intersection is renowned for its 55mph speed limit, near-blind crossings, and stupid flashing yellow “yield” arrows that only 50% of drivers seem to understand.

My assumption is one of these two was making a turn, and didn’t yield.... or someone ran a red.


Either way, the lady in the Honda (with its horn blaring a constant death-drone) was on the phone as she exited her car, calling 911 I assume, and didn’t hear my shout of “Is everyone okay?!?” seemed to be okay.

The couple in their 30's that exited the Chevy also seemed to be okay, the lady on her phone, the guy holding his shoulder :/


Enough other traffic had stopped to assist/gawk and I had my girls with me otherwise I would have also stopped. But by the time I got home a few minutes later, sirens were heard heading in that direction.

Oh yeah, the left lane guy. Thank you. I’m not sure how close I would have been or wanted to be to that crash. Thanks for holding me up those extra few seconds. You da reel MVP.