My high school puts on a car show every year. This year they asked me to design their shirts and flyers (they were absolutely dreadful looking in the past). My mother is a graphic designer so I've grown up knowing how to make well designed things on indesign and photoshop. This is what I created using the restrictions they gave me. They told me today they wanted the design changed. They want logos instead of sponsor names on the flyer. First, look how many logos that would be. That's impossible to get looking clean. Second, I need logos to make the damn poster so what do they do? They either don't have them, have low res versions, and a few times I've been sent a picture of a business's logo on something the business owns. As an example I was sent a picture of a computer screen (not a screen shot, a picture of a computer screen). On the screen was a window open, in the window was a picture of a laser cutter and on the laser cutter was the companies logo. I CAN'T USE THAT! How could anyone think that is an acceptable file for me to use in a design?! The club is practically dead due to poor officer quality. They never want to do car related things. I've suggested a trip to a dragstrip and the indy car museum but they got shot down.

I pretty much just told the car show people it's my way or I'm not helping. I won. So... you guys should come to the show. My car may or may not be done, but yeah. You should go anyways.

Just so you know how helpless these people were, here's their old design. It doesn't even mention a car show...


Sidenote: Up top is a very low res jpg of my design, it isn't usually this pixelated.