Damn right it runs Crysis.

Really though, this is my first gaming PC build that helped carry me through most of college in the bustling metropolis of Rolla, MO. It was assembled in 2005 and used up through 2010 with the following parts:

  • AMD X2 4400+ (2.2 GHz) w/ 120mm Zalman Al+Cu cooler
  • DFI LanParty nF4 SLI-DR motherboard
  • 2 x 1GB OCZ Platnium DDR400 RAM
  • EVGA GeForce 7900 GTX 512MB (was originally a BFG 6800 GT)
  • Antec Performance II SOHO File Server Case w/ 4 x 80mm Panasonic Panaflo fans attached to a Zalman fan speed controller
  • Antec 550W TruePower 2.0 PSU
  • 3 x 400GB HDDs (1 SATA, 2 PATA)
  • 16X DVD +/- R burner
  • 3.5" floppy disc drive (aww yeah)

It had been sitting in the corner of my computer room since I built its successor in 2010, but I decided to power it on last night, partially out of curiosity, partially to make sure I backed up some of the stuff that was on it. Remarkably, it only needed some BIOS adjustments (after losing settings to CMOS power dissipation) to get going and then all was well. No magic smoke, no alarming sounds, and temperatures were all still healthy. Funny enough, those Crysis pictures aren’t just for show. That disc was actually sitting in the DVD drive all these years, so I started it up and the game ran great with Medium settings @ 1280 x 1024.


I think I’ll have to spend some time digging back through my extensive (like 3 columns of start menu extensive) game collection later. Maybe even track down a few more sticks of RAM and another video card to “complete” the build just for the hell of it. If nothing else, it’s a neat little time capsule.

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