Ok, so here is the situation:

The family garage consists of 4 cars: A 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer LT EXT V8 4x4 which we have owned from new and now has 215,000 miles on it. Except for a dead speedometer, it runs great if not a little jiggly and vibraty. It also seems like the starter isn’t disengaging right away after startup either, but that’s neither here nor there. My 2004 Mercedes-Benz S600, which I absolutely adore but has a track record of extremely expensive unreliability. The 2005 Jaguar Vanden Plas which we bought to replace the 2004 my mom totaled about 3 months ago. It has 136,000 miles and is in very good shape for its age, it was doted on by its previous owner. And lastly the 1975 MG Midget, a car that was considered a compromise to the MGB GT my mom actually wanted, and normal MGBs are cliche.

Ok. Here’s the wrench in the works. My mom’s old boss and friend has finally decided to sell his black/black 2006 Jaguar S-Type R, a car my mother has been fiercely coveting for a decade. My father, who has successfully been on the “if momma ain’t happy, nobody happy” plan for 35 years, says if he’s selling, we’re buying.

Ok, well, small problem. The house we moved into in North Carolina does not have a massive 3-car-garage-that-can-actually-fit-4 like we used to. It has a 2 car garage door on a 1.5 car garage. The three primary cars sit out in the driveway and that’s about all there is room for. So, one of the cars has to go. Or maybe multiple cars. My dad is already approved for the full purchase price of the new Jag, plus he wants to refinance the house and buy mom a new SUV too if he can manage it, because he’s afraid of what the TrailBlazer could do at its advanced age and mileage. He doesn’t want two car payments though. We own the Jag, MG, and the TrailBlazer outright. My car is financed.

So, scenarios:

Buy the Jag. I’m at school 9 months out of the year so parking really isn’t a problem. No new SUV, and just deal with it. This is my favorite.


Sell the new Vanden Plas to make room. Which would be a damn shame because it is in really nice shape and we went through all the trouble to get it from Virginia. Also get a new SUV because we own the VDP ouright and we’re really ultimately just cashing the insurance check for the old VDP in a really roundabout way.

Sell the S600 and hand me down the new Vanden Plas. Also buy a new SUV. This is my dad’s favorite plan, and obviously isn’t mine. The two cars are not close to comparable. Maybe if I drove an S430, but not an S600. Forget the powertrain differences. The Jaguar, even when fully loaded which ours isn’t, has no options comparatively. You can load up a Jag with front and rear heated seats, a nav system, parking sonar, and maybe a DVD player (which our 2004 had but the 2005 doesn’t) and that’s about it. An S600 comes standard with everything, PLUS I have a four seater with Distronic radar cruise. But I do have to admit it, a Jag is far more reliable. In this plan, I have to take over my car payments entirely. Which is actually more sinister than it sounds. My father, in his devious mind, thinks he’s being smart because it will force me to have to sell the car if it incurs another major repair in the near future, which is a gamble with unfavorable odds to me. But he’ll get to smugly say “I didn’t make you sell the Mercedes.”


I only wanted to have the S-Class for about 3 years, because I don’t want to own it without a warranty of some kind, so really the timing of the whole transaction is just bad. I haven’t had my V12 fun yet, and afterwards a Jaguar would be ok, just not now. My highly optimistic plan was for my next car to be a 2012 Hyundai Equus Ultimate anyway.

Ok? Good. Forum open. Thoughts?