“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”

I haven’t been able to figure out WTF is causing this minor shaking I have in the steering. It begins to be noticeable at about 60 mph but doesn’t get terrible. I would just ignore it, but i want to enjoy driving this car, and driving it hard.

Maybe someone around here can give me some better ideas of what to do.

This is a history of modifications done to my 1996 BMW 328i since fall of 2018. Vibration in the steering has been difficult to diagnose and resolve. It is noticeable at speeds of 60 mph and higher.


October 2018

Replaced OEM 15x7 ET41wheels. (no steering shake was ever noted running with the 15” wheels)


Replacement wheels sized 17x7 47mm offset from 2001 325xi. 225/45/17 mismatched old tires were already mounted.

November 2018

330i front brake calipers and rotors(Ate/OEM)

325xi rear brake calipers and rotors (Ate/OEM)

New brake pads front and rear (Hawk HPS)

Custom fabricated parking brake shoes

Stainless steel braided brake hoses (Turner)

E36 M3 master cylinder (Centric)

December 2018

front control arm bushings (Powerflex)

New front control arms

New rear lower outer poly bushings (Powerflex)

New rear upper outer ball joints (Lemforder)

New rear trailing arm bushings, rubber (Meyle HD)

Steering wheel noted to be shaking at speeds over 60 mph. This condition may have existed before this point. It’s unclear when it started.


Late December 2018

New tires mounted and balanced on 17” wheels.

Tried mounting spare at each corner in turn to identify an out of balance wheel. None seemed makedly better or worse than others.


March 2019

New front coil-over struts and caster-camber plates (Bilstein PSS9 B16 & Vorshlag camber-caster plates)


New rear springs and adjust able perches (Bilstein PSS9 B16)

Tie rods appear tight and in good condition.

April 2019

Car taken to shop (Europa). Diagnosed as having bent wheels.

New wheels, cast aluminum wheels sized17x7.5 with 42mm offset; tires mounted and balanced.


Steering shake persists.

LF brake is dragging slightly. I suspect caliper pins need to be replaced.

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